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What is a check-in?

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A check-in is how we call tracking your time. There are two ways to do this:

  • Via the check-in form (see image below): Whenever your are working on a project and want to report your status regardless if it’s for client work or not, just fill this short form and you’re good to go. Here you’ll fill out the project you’re working on, the tasks that are closest to what your activities were (which will automatically be grabbed from the project), and the time. You have the option to select “All day” or enter an exact time by the hour. The “All day” option is useful for when you work on a project consistently during a day and didn’t really switch back and forth. We automatically convert this into 8 hours in order to make tracking easier. Finally, describe “What you’re working on” as you would when writing a short tweet or message.

  • Via activities: Dashable has a unique feature which allows you to tap into the activities being performed in third-party project management tools like Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Basecamp and Github. This makes tracking your work a lot easier. Similar to what you would do with a regular check-in, we simply structure your activity from these tools so that you can easily structure your check-in. If for some reason you miss a day or two, we’ll keep it there when you’re ready to check-in, making it a bit easier to remember 😉

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