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Getting Started

Creating an Invoice from Approved Check-ins

Remember the check-ins you approved in your
Projects┬ápage? (See: What are check-in approvals)- You can instantly invoice them from your Invoice page in the left navigation. You will see “Projects Ready” and to the right “Generate an…

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How do I create a project?

As an admin user, you can create a new project by clicking on the “Create project” in the right hand side of your Dashboard or by visiting the Projects page on the left. See image below.

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How Do I Invite a Teammate?

You can easily invite as many teammates as you’d like to help you track their work via check-ins or even invoice.

Once you’ve invited a teammate they’ll be able to signup and set up their account. If…

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What is a check-in?

A check-in is how we call tracking your time. There are two ways to do this:

Via the check-in form (see image below): Whenever your are working on a project and want to report your status regardless if it’s for…
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How do I approve a check-in?

Whenever you’re working with a team, both your check-ins and theirs will be available within the project page under “Check-ins.”

Here you’ll be able to mark them as billable or non-billable and be able to approve or archive…

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