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How Do I Invite a Teammate?

You can easily invite as many teammates as you’d like to help you track their work via check-ins or even invoice.

Once you’ve invited a teammate they’ll be able to signup and set up their account. If…

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Who can see my project?

When creating a project, you are given the option to make it public or private.

A public project is visible to all your teammates with access to Dashable.

A private project will only allow your account admins and teammates with…

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How Do I Control my Teammates Permissions?

When teammates are invited, they have minimal access to the information in your Dashable account. They will only be able check-in into projects they have access to or have a public setting, view projects available to them and see their…

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Can I Archive a Teammate?

If you no longer want one of your teammates to access their their accounts you can easily Archive it. You can do this by visiting the Teammates page, clicking on the teammate you would like to archive, then visiting…

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